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Haaga 600 series

Haaga 600 series


Sweepers of the haaga 600 series offer unbeatable sweeping performance with battery-powered brushes. With the turbo sweeping system, the light weight and the easy handling, they are particularly suitable for use on surfaces of more than up to 3000 m².

Sweeping at the highest level - whether wet or dry, paper, sand or even beverage cans.


    • all brushes are driven with long-lasting, smooth-running gears without susceptible straps

    • special air duct system with dust filter and sealing system for almost dust-free sweeping

    • vertical, space-saving storage (only 0.25 m²), without the dirt falling out

    • stepless brush pressure regulation

    • low weight, extremely manoeuvrable

    • maintenance-free motors and batteries

    • sweeps dry and wet leaves

    • trouble-free, beltless operation

    • 4 years warranty on brush wear

    • with battery power

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