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Mechanical operate

Durable material

High performance

Easy to store

All-in-one design

Time saver

Manual Sweeper

Battery Sweeper

Expensive, but it's worth it.

Meet the most efficient sweeper on earth — Haaga, a battery-free machine that reduces cleaning time up to 80% when compared to pushing a broom.

Haaga Into

Let your old sweepers stays in the past

The Haaga iSweep patented disc brush system will show you what a modern sweeper should look like. A smooth, efficient, and exceptional experience.

Intelligent Airflow system

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Haaga feat icons-24.png

iSweep Technology

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Turbo Sweeping machanism

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Sweep twice with one move.

The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the big debris directly in front of the sweeper while the brush roller on the bottom picks up all the small particles.

Haaga stand 1.jpg

Flexible, Well considered

Transformable design for easy storage

All Haaga sweepers can quickly turn into a vertical state when not in use. Just simply fold it as the video shown above, you can also find a detailed guide in the user manual. 

Garden Beside the Sea
aArtboard 47.webp

Works Indoor and Outdoor

Easily sweeps fine dust, course dirt, sand, leaves, sticks, bottles, broken glass, wrappers, food, basically anything that can fit thru a 10" X 4" opening big or small debris.

Great for cleaning indoors on ceramic tile, laminate flooring as well as commercial carpeted areas.

Cleaning the Hallways

Works Wet or Dry

Durable brushes and high-quality component makes the Haaga sweeper can be used on wet or dry surfaces without any damage.

Even wet and dry foliage, stones and flat and coarse dirt will be picked up easily with the Haaga iSweep system.

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Quality Sweepers
Engineered in Germany

Founded in 1969 and still manufactured in Germany, Haaga patented sweeping system has revolutionized how the world sweeps. Used by Hotels, motels, government, maintenance departments, recreational facilities, movie theaters and service stations all over the world

375 Tankstelle_mitLogo_edited.jpg

Manual Sweeper

Professional manual push sweeper line that operates as you move it forward without power. Great for outdoor cleaning of parking lots, sidewalks and open indoor areas without obstacles.


Haaga 355
22" sweeper



Haaga 477
31" sweeper


Haaga 497
38" sweeper

677 Parkplatz_bearbeitet_CMYK_2_mitLogo_edited.jpg

Battery Sweeper

Professional battery push sweeper line. Great for detail cleaning indoors and outdoors in and around obstacles.

Haaga 677
31" sweeper



Haaga 697
38" sweeper


Garbage sweeps directly from the three-brush system into the container, making the clean up process 5 times faster

Work on all kinds of garbage including aluminium cans, plastic bottles, leaves, rocks or even dust

Backed with an industry leading 4 year warranty on all brushes and 2 year limited warranty overall.

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